Responding To An Adverse Advent – 7 Pages

(3)  Responding to a chemical spill  -A significant part of our employee training is devoted to responding to chemical spills or other dangers that could immediately put everyone in the facility into immediate danger.   We have trained them in the following protocols during their first month of employee training.

  1. If possible, attempt to identify the spilled material. Our employees will know of the chemicals we use at the dispensary, and how to respond if one specifically is spilled.
  2. If during retail hours, politely but firm move patients toward the exits explaining there is a mechanical function, and we apologize for the inconvenience, but their safety in this instance is our foremost concern.
  3. The manager or other dispensary agent(s) present should have already notified 911 that there was danger of a chemical spill and all patients were being removed as a precaution. This should be confirmed between all dispensary employees on site.
  4. Insure that all patients are out of the facility, and safely gathering in the adjacent lot or someone place safe on the sidewalk. If they have already left the area, focus on the ones who have remained behind.
  5. As first responders arrive, carefully explain the situation to them, describe the composition and approximate quantity of spilled chemicals.
  6. Notify the first responders if anyone became ill or displayed and symptoms of any sort of illness they may have been caused by any sort of contact with the spilled chemical.