Record Keeping (3 Pages)



The dispensary (hereinafter “TD”) has SOP’s for the operation, patient information,  (hereafter “MM”) all marijuana records, and the mandated documentation listed in (E)(1)-(10).  In compliance with  -18(C), (E)(1), (G), -01-18(C), -01(G)(4), TD will keep true, complete, legible, and current books and records, maintaining them at the facility for a five-year period, unless otherwise required by law. Required records will be readily retrievable, and available for inspection if requested by the BoP. There will be a password protected audit trail database, which dates any edits or deletions to patient records per  (B)(4), to OARRS reporting, and all other reporting required by the BoP per -19(B) for training, per -11 for the duty to report marijuana theft or diversion and provide the state BoP records, -07(A)(2)(b) for restricting access to an area where all records relating to the dispensing of MM are stored, and (A)(2)(c)for insuring that the BoP has access to all records within 3 business days upon being asked. Records will be maintained under supervision and control to restrict unauthorized access per  (F), in password protected computers and locked in cabinets in limited access rooms.  Records will conform to , and safeguarded against changes, may be placed on a litigation hold or records retention, and will be capable of being reconstructed in the event of storage failure.



Potential employees will be required to pass a background check and drug screen.  This documentation will be maintained by TD per (E)(1). The results of the criminal background check will be used to disqualify applicants who have:

-Any felony drug convictions.

-A history of drug or alcohol­‐related arrests.

-A history of criminal convictions

Background checks will be maintained and organized  in the normal course of business per (E).  Oversight of material in the employee’s file will be maintained by a key employee per -05(D)(6). Candidates who have a patient ID card for MM will not be disqualified for having MMin their system upon presentation of their card and a copy for their personnel file. Records of the hiring of agents, including applications, documentation of verification of references, and training records pursuant to -19(B), will be securely stored.