Processes for Contamination Prevention (2 Pages)


At the dispensary, a high degree of internal scrutiny using an electronic records system, as well as daily employee, sanitation, and safety logs will allow both Prospective Associated Key Employees (PAKEs) and Dispensary Associated Key Employees (DAKEs) to maintain clinical levels of safety and sanitation while avoiding diversion and contamination of medical marijuana product. Per OAC 3796:6-3-01 and OAC 3796:6-3-01, we will ensure that extensive measures are taken to immediately remove from the premises any Dispensary Support Employee (DSE) that may be a source of microbial contamination due to a health condition. Measures taken may include exclusion from the dispensary in case of an illness, infection, open lesion, or other abnormal source of microbial contamination and instructing personnel to notify DAKEs if they have or may have a health condition that could result in microbial contamination of products.



The dispensary will maintain exceptional pest control at all times. (“Pest” means any objectionable insect or other animal at any life stage.) To prevent contamination or destruction of products, animals or pests will not be allowed in any area, except that guard or guide dogs may be allowed in some areas without products if their presence will not result in contamination of products, containers, or contact surfaces. Organic insecticides, fungicides, or rodenticides will not be used in or around the premises unless registered with EPA and used in accordance with label instructions, and if effective precautions are taken to protect against the contamination of components, packaging components, products, or contact surfaces.