Medical Operating Plan For Dispensary – 32 pages

Part II: Cultivation Methods and Proposed Strains


The details of the cultivation process are treated below in conjunction with our description of the supply chain tracking process which is designed to specifically insure compliance with the state’s seed to sale tracking requirements, product safety, an uninterrupted supply of medical cannabis tested for foreign matter, pesticides, chelated heavy metals, mold, and mildew as well as its cannabinoid profile. To design its cultivation system, Entity A will engage local expert horticulturists. We will use a state-of-the-art hydroponic growing system operating in a completely closed and controlled growing environment.

  • The hydroponic system allows us to maximize growth with the least consumption of resources.
  • A closed growing environment means that there is no free exchange of air from outside the facility. This has a double benefit. It allows us to completely control the air within the growing environment for temperature, humidity, CO2 content, and purity, ensuring an ideal and uncontaminated growing space. It also allows us to control the air leaving the facility, eliminating any noxious or characteristic odors produced by medical marijuana cultivation. We have furthermore decided to employ the following innovative growing technologies:
  • CO2 enrichment generators
  • An integrated inline nutrient dosing system
  • Because different kinds of lighting have specific properties and different effects on plant growth, we will employ a variety of different light spectrums depending on the cultivation stage of the plant. The LED systems we anticipate using will include broad spectrum LED bulbs, ballasts and reflectors, along with ancillary wiring and toggle supporting chains.
  • We will employ one of two growing media, again, depending on the cultivation stage of the plant: rockwool and coco-coir. We will use organic nutrients along with a non-organic but safe “chelator” that accelerates nutrient uptake. The specific nutrients used will depend on the growing stage and nutritional needs of the plant during that phase.