Labeling Controls (3 Pages)

Dispensing Marijuana

All of our agents are trained in very detailed protocols about state regulations concerning dispensing MM per (1)-(4)(J). The agent will verify that: (1) The qualifying patient or caregiver is currently registered; and their identification (both state and federal is valid, not expired, and the patient’s picture resembles the person standing in front of them;
(2) The amount of MM that has already been dispensed pursuant to the written certification will allow the patient to receive the amount requested;
(3) All of our registered agents may decline to dispense MM to a qualifying patient or caregiver if, in the professional opinion of the registered agent, the patient or caregiver appears to be currently under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
(4) Our licensed agents may not distribute a sample of  MM.
(5) Our agents will be briefed monthly or more often if necessary on any changes in Federal or State law which either applies to MM in general or to the dispensary.