Dispensary Overview (4 pages)



The necessary activities for the start up of the dispensary require specific coordination to insure building, wiring, plumbing, furnishing and securing the facility, along with creating business documentation, software systems, business infrastructure, documenting procedures, training employees, etc.   These tasks will be performed by contractors vetted carefully and coordinated through our dispensary manager.


Security and Surveillance


The security and surveillance plan for the dispensary will be a blue print to insure the entire facility is compliant with Our SOP’s will help us implement our security plan which will have comprehensive protocols for:

-Patient, caregiver and employee safety, and security for inventory and currency;

-Defining restricted areas and creating safeguards and barrier for non-authorized personnel or the public per (2);

-Designing, installing, operating and maintaining surveillance, monitoring, diversion prevention, locks, signage, lighting, network and patient data security, emergency power and other security measures per (1)-(15)

-Insuring proper identification of employees, guests and contractors, and creating access safeguards with swipe cards, locks, and defined rooms with entry authorization requirements per (1)&(2);

-Installing multiple autonomous alarms monitored by different companies, surveillance systems with redundant backup and equipment failure alerts per (11);

-Any additional safeguards either requested by the board, or implemented by management to insure safety, redundancy and scalability per (15).